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New Year’s Kiss


Love bursts like fireworks,
heartbeats join in unison,
souls entwine on lovers’ lips.

It crackles and burns,
lighting the flame of hope,
embracing our hearts,
in our new year’s kiss.


Photograph (New Years Eve ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.


Fragile Grace


I want to watch the night turn light blue
but only together with you.
I’d like to see the stars shine bright
but only if you hold me tight.

I painted the clouds a bright pink,
while doing so I did not think.
It seemed natural and supposed to be,
like the love between you and me.

I watched the rainbow turn from violet to red,
thinking how few tears I had shed.
Since I felt your warm embrace,
I know I had found love’s grace.

Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.

The photograph was taken in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Into the waves




It was a while ago since I last saw you

your hair twisting and turning in the dance of the winds

the scars in your eyes form all the hurt and all the pain

that time and distance created every day.


I know you refused to kiss me to ease the pain,

I wish I could’ve made you happy just then

that day I last loved you,

you walked away into the waves.



Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.

The photograph was taken in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Lift me up

Lift me up,
so I can taste the clouds up there.
Do you hear my heartbeat,
swinging with the beat of the music?

Sometime you have to let me down,
push me down to reality…
Bring me down to the floor,
love the ground, feel the emotion.

Raise my legs high up in the air,
fold my arms tight around me.
Tell me what do you feel,
when I say I need you now?

Tell me which way to choose,
lift me up or push me down,
movement on the cold pavement,
or in the warm skies.

Pointed toes, stretched out legs.
Smooth motions,
like soft waves crushing on your skin.

A shiver…

Five, six, seven, eight,
I’m making the run for it,
will you lift me up?

Photograph and Writing by Lisa Marina.