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New Year’s Kiss


Love bursts like fireworks,
heartbeats join in unison,
souls entwine on lovers’ lips.

It crackles and burns,
lighting the flame of hope,
embracing our hearts,
in our new year’s kiss.


Photograph (New Years Eve ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.


Just once

Even a mere whisper from you keeps me awake,

illuminates my darkness like a candle in the moonlight.

But the thought of your name alone,

puts me isolated into ignorance.

Is it really love or just an imaginary scream

for warmth and the halo of your perfect smile?


The desire for your lips makes me tremble,

the wish for your love curses me.

A dance under the clear nightsky,

hand in hand and heart in heart.

Your breath freezes my movement, your tenderness destroys me.

But still I am so certain,

that this is not love.



Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.

Fly away

You whispered goodbye, I waved farewell

the bird flew away, across the sea

that had parted us for so long

I don’t recall being close to you ever before.

Fly away, let the tide turn us apart,

like so many times before.

Fly away, let the time heal your wounds,

but mine were left to stay.



Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.

The Photograph was taken in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Fragile Grace


I want to watch the night turn light blue
but only together with you.
I’d like to see the stars shine bright
but only if you hold me tight.

I painted the clouds a bright pink,
while doing so I did not think.
It seemed natural and supposed to be,
like the love between you and me.

I watched the rainbow turn from violet to red,
thinking how few tears I had shed.
Since I felt your warm embrace,
I know I had found love’s grace.

Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.

The photograph was taken in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Into the waves




It was a while ago since I last saw you

your hair twisting and turning in the dance of the winds

the scars in your eyes form all the hurt and all the pain

that time and distance created every day.


I know you refused to kiss me to ease the pain,

I wish I could’ve made you happy just then

that day I last loved you,

you walked away into the waves.



Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.

The photograph was taken in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Heroic lovers

Note: This poem is related to a scene in my book. The picture matched the scene perfectly, and the light gave such a final touch to it, I had to use this as inspiration.


You may say she’s the one

to save the world, give them peace,

though her hope might be gone,

as she chases her heart’s thief.


When her arrow hits the guard

and he falls tumbling down,

they’ve played the first card

in the game against the crown.


His will might be torn

his mood sunk and dark,

but to himself he has sworn,

to leave this war with his mark.


When the sword does not miss,

what is closest is his own death.

His last will was to give her one kiss

and does so with his last breath.


Intertwined as lovers, heroic as knights,

they end the last of bloody nights.


Photograph (Summer ’11 in Lumsås, Denmark) & Writing (October ’12) by Lisa Marina.