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Just once

Even a mere whisper from you keeps me awake,

illuminates my darkness like a candle in the moonlight.

But the thought of your name alone,

puts me isolated into ignorance.

Is it really love or just an imaginary scream

for warmth and the halo of your perfect smile?


The desire for your lips makes me tremble,

the wish for your love curses me.

A dance under the clear nightsky,

hand in hand and heart in heart.

Your breath freezes my movement, your tenderness destroys me.

But still I am so certain,

that this is not love.



Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.


Beloved, goodbye


A raven’s taunting cry,
snow slowly falling down.
Beloved ones, hidden in black,
gathered where hope faded away.

Last words of goodbye, silent sobs,
depression lingers like a big grey cloud,
only waiting to release something,
something that could ease the pain,
of the loss of a beloved soul.


Photograph (December 2011) & Writing (November 2011) by Lisa Marina.

Lift me up

Lift me up,
so I can taste the clouds up there.
Do you hear my heartbeat,
swinging with the beat of the music?

Sometime you have to let me down,
push me down to reality…
Bring me down to the floor,
love the ground, feel the emotion.

Raise my legs high up in the air,
fold my arms tight around me.
Tell me what do you feel,
when I say I need you now?

Tell me which way to choose,
lift me up or push me down,
movement on the cold pavement,
or in the warm skies.

Pointed toes, stretched out legs.
Smooth motions,
like soft waves crushing on your skin.

A shiver…

Five, six, seven, eight,
I’m making the run for it,
will you lift me up?

Photograph and Writing by Lisa Marina.

Season’s change

Once it lifed I could not breathe,

its beauty blinding me with such peace.

The petal flew higher than clouds could reach,

it twirled and turned like a dancer in the wind,

but fell so quickly as rain knocked it back.

It flew so low, struggling to keep afloat,

and as the snow then came it swept away,

and remained frozen on the icy ground.

Time passed and the clock slowly ticked,

until a new dawn when the sun rose quick.

The ice began to crumble and the petal felt pain,

to live life again as the seasons change with the first rain.

Photograph & Writing by Lisa Marina.