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Travels to London and Paris, 2013


So, this is somewhat of a personal entry, I am going to neglect the poetry for this post, but I know some of you only come for the photography anyways. 😉 In 2013, I got the amazing opportunities to travel outside Sweden, Germany and the Netherland (which for me, had been the regulars) to two countries that I always wanted to visit – France and England! I had been in Bath, England before on a class trip, but London is an entirely different story. So, I am going to share the most memorable and beautiful photographs that I took during my ventures there. Bear in mind though that my photography is just a hobby. Don’t consider this to be attempts at professionalism, please. 🙂 I am so grateful for the time I spent both in Paris and in London, and I hope that these pictures will make you want to go there (or miss the places). Enjoy!

London, June 2013

Harry Potter Studios Tour

Harry Potter Studios Tour


Big Ben and House of Parliament


Seagulls on the Thames


London Eye


London Riverside

My dad also had photos from the Shakespeare Globe Theatre (inside and outside) and Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, but I do not have them for some reason. Shame.


Paris, October 2013

We stayed in Montmarte, the painters’ neighbourhood in Paris. I feel in love with the proximity and vintage-feel to it. The stairs up that wretched hill are a pain, but it is so worth it. Many lovely restaurants and painters.


View from Montmarte, near Sacre Coeur.


La Tour d’Eiffel, as approached from the alley.


Lovely place to read while family takes pictures and decided where to go next.


La Tour d’Eiffel, closer look.


La Seine, as viewed from the Eiffel Tower quite early.


View on Trocadéro from the Eiffel Tower.


La Seine as viewed from the Eiffel Tower at sunset. This can also be seen as my header.


La Tour d’Eiffel at night.


A sparkling Eiffel Tower at night. So happy I saw it just as we were on the perfect photo spot! (Trocadéro)


L’Arc du Triomphe.


One of the many branches of Charles de Gaulles-Étoile, as viewed from the Arc du Triomphe.


La Tour d’Eiffel as seen from l’Arc du Triomphe.


I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Both travels were really impactful on my life and view on architecture and living, breathing culture in large cities. Both cities are amazing in so many ways, and I hope to someday revisit both of them!