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Just once

Even a mere whisper from you keeps me awake,

illuminates my darkness like a candle in the moonlight.

But the thought of your name alone,

puts me isolated into ignorance.

Is it really love or just an imaginary scream

for warmth and the halo of your perfect smile?


The desire for your lips makes me tremble,

the wish for your love curses me.

A dance under the clear nightsky,

hand in hand and heart in heart.

Your breath freezes my movement, your tenderness destroys me.

But still I am so certain,

that this is not love.



Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.


Fly away

You whispered goodbye, I waved farewell

the bird flew away, across the sea

that had parted us for so long

I don’t recall being close to you ever before.

Fly away, let the tide turn us apart,

like so many times before.

Fly away, let the time heal your wounds,

but mine were left to stay.



Photograph (Summer ’11) & Writing (November ’12) by Lisa Marina.

The Photograph was taken in Falkenberg, Sweden.